Frost a Fumbally Exchange Christmas shop





With its gorgeous shop Frost, Fumbally Exchange will bring a Seasonal Shopping Experience with unique crafts and designs to fill the stockings this Christmas.


More than 20 of Ireland’s finest designers, crafts people and artists have created the goods for sale at Frost, located on the ground floor of the Fumbally Exchange on Dame Lane.


Frost – opening at 5 Dame Lane DUBLIN, November 23, 2017- will certainly help Dublin shoppers meet the annual challenge of looking for unique Christmas gifts.


Frost is a collaborative shop originating from the ethos of the Fumbally Exchange, a creative community that believes the most extraordinary and powerful works of art, design and innovation can be realised through working together.

“Frost, bring that little sparkle to your Christmas this year”

Don’t miss this unique shopping experience, as the Frost shop will run for a limited period only: 
Thursday, Nov 23 – Thursday, December 21 
Monday-Saturday (closed Sundays)
*Our launch evening will be on Thursday, 23rd Nov from 6.30pm -8.30pm <please note that this event will be RSVP only> 


DATES & TIME:   1511395200 - 1513814400

LOACTION:   5 Dame Lane, Dublin 2