Open House Dublin 2015 ‘This Place We Call Home’

Accommodation : Open House Dublin 2015 ‘This Place We Call Home’

A three-part exhibition curated and hosted by Fumbally Exchange as part of Open House Dublin 2015: ‘This Place We Call Home’.

Exhibition takes place at Fumbally Exchange, 5 Dame Lane, from 16th October.

The exhibition considers, in three strands, the psychological concept of ‘accommodation’ – how humans adapt themselves to the space in which they live. The process by which we take an unfamiliar concept, and adapt to it, to the point where it becomes inbuilt and accepted. The exhibition aims to explore how this process could be harnessed to allow us find better ways to form places for people to live.

Call for submissions or proposals – Deadline 18th September

Please contact our curator Stephen Musiol


Strand 1: Understanding Accommodation

Can you shed light on the psychological process by which we accommodate new concepts, in particular our physical environment and how we understand, value and relate to it?

Can you create and exhibit that allows people experience this process?

If you can make a contribution to this strand we’d love to hear from you. Please contact the curators any time before the submission deadline to discuss.

Strand 2: Innovations in Living

How can housing be designed so that it works, in a variety of ways, for those who actually live in it, while dealing with wider issues of design, safety and innovation?

Some of the most taken-for-granted and well-loved aspects of our homes were once unimaginable novelties. Other innovations must have seemed rational but were never accepted. For some current innovations the jury is still out. Strand 2 considers examples of innovations in housing and how they have been adapted to by the people that live with them. The interest is in the role ‘accommodation’ might have in mediating between a necessary innovation and the real needs of the end user.

Examples could include: past, present, imagined future, other cultures or our own, successes and failures of the innovators to image an end-user experience

Contributions for this strand can be proposed in any format

Strand 3: “My home is different to yours”

This strand considers how people learn to live successfully with different types of space. What aspects about where you live do you feel strongly about? What’s daily life in your home like? What’s special or important to you about your home?

Strand 3 is for simple contributions direct from the source to explore how people live in their homes, how they feel about it and what’s important to them. This strand encourages contributors to explore their own home and share what they find…

Contributions for this section can be anything that describes some aspect of where you live – for example self-made video clips, photos, text, drawings, plans, stories, statistics.

During Open House this strand will also take the form of live ‘Periscope’ content streamed on twitter. Those wishing to take part in the stream can inform the curators.


DATES & TIME:   1444953600 - 1445126400

LOACTION:   Fumbally Exchange

ORGANIZER:   Stephen Musiol