Transformation – Exhibition

From 11th – 18th of September 2015 we will be celebrating the power of collaboration to create a change! It is two weeks fulfilled with many events which would be hold at our ground floor event space at 5Dame Lane, Dublin 2

Transformation (poster designed by Gareth Jones )

As an important element of the festivities is the exhibition on the very pertinent theme of ‘Transformation’. It is another intriguing collection of artworks from the members of our creative hub Fumbally Exchange. Many of the members have more than one string to their bow, and this is the creativty and transformation the exhibition celebrates.

Fexhibition includes drawings from talented students of the Graham Thew’s FExy Sketch Club, colorful wall of stylish bike’s illustrations of #100DaysOfBicycles challenge which was completed by our very talented illustrator Melissa Doran. You can find also some FExy graphic designs, photography of Jeanette Lowe capturing some unique urbanspaces. The FEx on Film team made a special video installations and we have even interactive pirate’s game designed by award winning Llaura (dreamfeel) and Mark Mulligan (3d visual artist ).


DATES & TIME:   1441584000 - 1442534400

LOACTION:   Fumbally Exchange