Saoirse Sheridan


Saoirse Sheridan is the Founder of  Elderhomeshare

She sources and vets kind and responsible tenants to live with elderly and senior homeowners for companionship and support at home creating a win win for the homeowner and the tenant.

She lives with a 96 year old gentleman herself and loves the benefits of cross generational living. Company and support at home for the elderly, affordable accommodation and positive cross generational living for tenants.


Elderhomeshare in Dublin, Ireland helps senior and elderly citizens to continue to live independently in their own homes by bringing people together for a positive cross generational living experience. For homeowners having another person in the home can provide security along with extra income, company and someone to do those odd jobs we find a bit burdensome. Such as putting out the rubbish or bringing in the milk from the shop, simple but makes life easier don’t you think?
For the accommodation seeker, living with an older person is an alternative to paying for overpriced rental accommodation in exchange for a more reasonable rental situation and a little ‘neighbourly’ support and kindness.

If you’re a kind and responsible person, it’s a living arrangement that can work well. Likewise for the homeowner it’s for those who would be happy to have someone in their home. Making sure that as a homeowner, you feel in control in your home, and as a tenant you respect and abide by the living arrangement, should be at the core of all agreements.