“Accomodation” at Open House Dublin 2015

This weekend 16th – 18th October 2015 Fumbally Exchange will open its doors for Open House Dublin. 

It is a unique event, presented by the Irish Architecture Foundation. Over 100 tours, events and workshops invite you to explore the rich architecture of Dublin.

This year Irish Architecture Foundation have commissioned a limited edition Open House Dublin publication to celebrate its 10th edition. This beautiful publication will be available from their Info Hub based in the Love & Robots pop up shop with Fumbally Exchange. The Info Hub will be open across the weekend, where you can pick up maps and find out detailed information about the Open House programme from the volunteers.

The theme ‘ This place we call home’ - is appealing and reflects very well on our FExy ethos as for many of our members the Fumbally Exchange becomes their second home.


As a part of Open House Dublin our members Stephen Musiol and Helen McCormack are curating a three-part exhibition:

Accommodation: Between Intention and Experience

Accommodation is an exhibition that explores the psychological concept of dwelling as it relates to the way in which people adapt to different spaces and how these spaces are, in turn, altered by human occupation.

Opening hours:
Saturday 11am-5pm,
Sunday 11am-5pm
Exhibition Launch: 6pm Friday 16th,
Location: Fumbally Exchange, 1st Floor