Fumbally Exchange presents: “Work Hard – Play Harder”playful time for Culture Night

In a celebration of Culture Night this year, members of our community something special prepared for all who knock on our pop-up space doors.

You will have an unique opportunity to experience all of the creative activities that happen in our space out of working hours which are run by our members.

We invite you to spend some playful time with us!


Sit in for:


The Dinnertime Dungeon!

(by Eric Nieudan)


A “Dungeons & Dragons slaughterhouse”, with easy to learn, streamlined rules. Come in for 10 minutes or an hour, choose a character, and take part in an adventure full of dangers. We’ll see how long you can survive!





LIVE Portrait sketching.

(by Claire Prouvost, Graham Thew, Kate Horgan and Ronan Coyle)



Our illustrators & designers will be taking over the windows of our pop-up shop to do some live drawing.

Stop by for a few minutes, and have your portrait sketched as part of a fresco on our windows!



Ping Pong Party

(The master league of Fumbally Exchange)



Our champions will be waiting for you to challenge them to a game!

It will be unique 1-1 match with members of our community who have been practicing all summer long!

Join our league!

*We play fair & friendly 😉






We will be OUT of WORK for you
from 6pm-9pm


Join us!