CELTIC REVIVAL Fumbally Exchange as a model of economic renewal

Fumbally Exchange features in “Celtic Revival?: the Rise, Fall and Renewal of Global Ireland” written by Sean Kay, Professor of International Studies of Ohio Wesleyan University and published by Rowman & Littlefield.


Professor Sean Kay’s book on Ireland’s economic renewal cites Fumbally Exchange as a positive reaction to the recent economic collapse “A co-operative in Dublin City of leading design specialists who are banding together to generate progress in their decimated profession“. He also cites Fumbally Exchange as model for economic revival. “By pooling their resources, working together, and combining their creative energy, some of Ireland’s most skilled people are creating their own futures“.


In his book, Sean Kay explores what happens when a society loses its wealth in the dramatic economic crash in 2008.

He outlines the country’s major economic and social challenges, and highlights the lessons, challenges and opportunities for the coming generations in Ireland and elsewhere.