Becoming Self-Employed with Aisling Griffin, Treetop Studio

Aisling Griffin, Graphic Designer, Treetop Studio

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When asked to write a piece for the Fumbally Exchange blog, I weighed up the various directions I could take. Should I write about my graphic design business Treetop Studio or should I write about my experience so far in the Fumbally Exchange. I couldn’t decide on one, so I decided to write a little on both.


Treetop Studio

April 2012 is when I set up Treetop Studio, I did so for many reasons. I got tired of working for the wrong people, decided to take control of my career and make work that I really had a passion for. I wanted to create work that helped solve visual problems for individuals & businesses in a well thought out, clever and creative manner.

I joined the Fumbally Exchange in August of this year and am delighted to be part of this great initiative. I had moved from a very corporate environment, so it was like a breath of fresh air being around like minded individuals.


Start up

When I started my business, I took on all sorts of design work, but over the last year and a bit, I have come to realise that specialising in one or two key areas is far more beneficial and satisfying as it makes you really focus and be the best that you can be, in that area of expertise. My chosen areas are brand identity and bespoke web design.

Working for yourself, by yourself can be very isolating, hence it was great to join the Fumbally Exchange and to feel part of something bigger and that you belonged. I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was and thought to myself, surely they all can’t be this friendly - where’s the catch. But there wasn’t one. Everyone who is based here wants to be here and is happy to be here and you really feel that energy from people.

The range of clients that I produce work for, really varies and is constantly evolving as my business grows. I have created and am in the process of creating websites for a digital media company, a photographer, a financial advisors, a restaurant/ bakery/catering business and an ecommerce shop plus more. Some brand identities that I have developed have been for a youth led national charity, a wedding ring company, a vaping business and a creche among others. I enjoy the researching/learning process that takes place, when creating work for a new client and figuring out the best route to take to showcase their product or service.



Why Fumbally Exchange?

From outings, to Fexa Kucha’s, to mask making, to events, to parties, to working together, the Fumbally exchange has certainly turned my pre-conceived notions of a work environment on it’s head. I look forward to the exciting road ahead.

You can check out some samples of my work here: