Our Global Connections

Fumbally Exchange was chosen as one of the Irish case studies for recent visit by students from the University of Florida, as part of their ‘The Global Entrepreneurship Study Program’

This course is designed to introduce their students to global entrepreneurial perspectives and cultural differences. By visiting various businesses and organizations, as well as participating in lectures, students gain a more practical understanding of entrepreneurship from individuals who actually work within the entrepreneurial environment.

According to the UF website- ‘Despite its current economic woes, Ireland remains strategically placed in the global marketplace, making it one of the most active entrepreneurial centers in all of Europe.’ “The goal of our Dublin program is to introduce students to global entrepreneurial perspectives in an immersive, experiential format,” says Jamie Kraft, Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

The UF students visited Dublin for about one week and while in town they dropped in to observe what goes on here in Fumbally Exchange on 20th October, luckily for them, they were able to sample Innovation Dublin too!