Design Dialogue – Innovation Dublin 2011 at Fumbally Exchange

Inspiring, innovative, inventive and interesting ideas…

and all in Fumbally Exchange.


Thursday 20th October was yet another big day here in FEx. Incredible buzz and a great turnout, including some visitors from University of Florida and a great bunch of people down from Belfast with Fiona McElroy, of the Office of Innovation from University of Ulster. They came, some presented and all generally sampled what happens hereabouts in a Dynamic Design Dialogue event ( including exhibitions, talks and workshops) all part of Innovation Dublin 2011. The TED-like Abair go Maith é speakers included; Fumbally Exchange founder George Boyle, Brian Fallon (, Daibhi MacDomhnaill (áit urbanism & landscape); Conánn FitzPatrick lecturer in digital animation, art and design at UU; Mike McQueen lecturer from the faculty of Art, Design and The Built Environment, UU and Trish Belford, textile designer and senior research fellow at UU … and not forgetting that velvet concrete!!


As if that wasn’t enough. we also hosted an exhibition titled “Unused & Unloved” by Louise Marlboroughof Prettyvacant & another on The Hidden world of the architect’s sketchbook in “The Secret Laboratory”, curated by Paul Clarke.

Oh yeah, ….and some people liked Graham Thew’s posters so much they brought them home with them!!

The Design Dialogue event was part of forging innovation links and a reciprocal and an on-going, complementary relationship between the University of Ulster and Innovation Dublin. The Belfast event at UU for what was billed as a “dynamic design dialogue” was postponed and will now take place at a later date.



“Design Dialogue is a great opportunity to witness the success and experiences of other designers and to gain inspiration for future innovation and collaborations in design with our friends in Dublin,” says Fiona McElroy of UU.





You can view a Video of the Event HERE, courtesy of Matthew Boyd – mahoo