Flex Membership

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36.90 / Months

The most flexible working option



If you’re building your business from home, but also want to grow and innovate, it’s brilliant to have somewhere to go when you need a change of scenery, to connect with community, or to bring your clients for that in-person meeting.

Flex is best for budding entrepreneurs who are curious about the opportunities and benefits of collaboration, and excited to become part of our community in a flexible, affordable way without having to make a long-term commitment.

Membership includes:

  • 2 Day passes and 2 hours of meeting room use per month (You can top this up if you need more access for those busy months!)
  • Office Access is Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm
  • High speed Wifi Internet connection
  • Printer Access, with cost rate printing
  • Access to our knowledge events and exhibitions – We run weekly Wednesday events focused on different skill areas and knowledge sharing opportunities, as well as bringing in CPD offerings for various professional fields, and larger scale learning opportunities through the events and exhibitions run in our multi purpose space.
  • Access to the Fumbally Meet ups – including our Book Club, D&D/Board Game sessions, Cheese Fridays, and more – our meet ups are all community run so if you’ve an idea for one, it can happen!
  • Our internal mailing group – A hive of information, we find that if our members have a query whether it’s looking for a professional contact, tax advice, or looking for a spare phone charger, you’ll quickly find the answer by messaging the Fumbally members group
  • Use of business address

Fumbally Flex is one of our newest form of membership, with different levels of access depending on your needs. To sign up you can register via the purchase link above, or drop us an email at hello@fumballyexchange.com to find out more and for other payment options.