Sensational! Multi-sensory Exhibition


‘Sensational’ is an exploration of the multidisciplinary and multi-sensory talents of the diverse members that make up the Fumbally Exchange.

Our senses tell us about the world around us, and our pop-up event aims to investigate our senses through art, performance and discussions about design and science.

Join us to experience themes and talks celebrating the various senses and experiences of some of the Dublin’s most experienced and creative innovators.

It will be sensational evening!


The senses:

Tangible (touch), Time (chronoception), Move (kinesthesia), Flavour (taste/smell), Agony (nociception), Balance (equilibrioception), Illumination (sight) and Acoustic (sound).


Interactive flavour events:


Andrew Rooney from Dublin Whiskey Tours will share some whiskey story & sample tasting, Stephen Barrett – will change the perception of how we taste things differently



Sam Whelan-Curtin and Chandrika Narayan-Mohan







Exhibitors and art work presented:


Joanne Harold “Broken Remains”
(Agony, Chronoception)

Based on the Bog Bodies at the National Museum of Ireland, the notion that these people preserved so remarkably by nature, were once living and breathing is both terrifying and amazing.


Sybil Emmet-Booth “Jack in the Box”

(Agony, Time)

Scare Fest at Shankill Castle is always full of surprises – make sure to visit them this year (23rd Oct-5th Nov).


Paul McGinty “And now everyone except flower girl”


Paul McGinty is a photographer specialising in alternative and quirky wedding photography.


Jen Kellypots with herbs and eatable plants


Beautifully tasting herbs, grown right here in Fumbally Exchange.


Alessandra Ravida “The most magical eyes”

(Illumination, Balance)

The images aim at recreating narratives of everyday life as seen through the imaginative and inquisitive eyes of children


Kate O’Moore “Rave”


Feeling dizzy? These two colour prints are designed to distort the viewers sight.


Myles Shelly “Wild Things”


This project looks at interpretive signage or nature boards found in Irish nature reserves, parks and wetlands.


Martyna Lebryk “Seedweeds”, “Swimming with Sharks”, “Hannah Hóch”, “Revolver”, “Timezones”


Martyna is working as a freelance graphic/web designer. She worked with number of organisations on web and motion graphic projects.


Niamh Hannaford acrylic, spray paint, plywood, paper

(Illumination, tangible)

Niamh uses her work to explore her inner fears with a playful curiosity. Still she is constantly terrified.


Gareth Jones “Icarus”

(Agony, Illumination)

Gareth is graphic designer. His work is a digital print on 170gsm UV resistant flat matt coated paper.


Claire Prouvostmixed illustrations

(Flavour, Illumination)


Gavin Leane “Consequences”


Fine art photograph. 8c Pigment ink on Moab Entrada cotton rag.




This project it is a successful collaboration of our Operation and Community Manager – Magda Marchewka,
Sam Whelan-Curtin – Communication Director at Fumbally Exchange,
our Fumbally’s Members and Friends

with Chandrika Narayan-Mohan – the art & culture event’s specialist (with whom we have teamed-up before, to create series of ‘Synesthesia’ talks organised at Liquor Rooms with Absolute & Popercorn partnership).


We would like to say BiG THANK YOU to all artists and members who have been involved in this project.