Simon Open Door 2014 for a 2nd time at FEx

A low-cost way to consult the architect

Fumbally Exchange are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 10th Annual Simon Open Door on the 10th May 2014.


In return for a €50 donation to Simon you can book a one-hour consultation with the RIAI architect of your choice.


How does it work?


Simply log on to and search for architects in Dublin 


A full list of those who are participating at Fumbally Exchange:





*All participating architects are on the Statutory Register which can be checked at


Also, because FEx is all about creative collaboration, we are delighted to have a few other Fumballiers calling in to advise those clients who want to talk about specific things:





We also have the services of a number of architectural graduates, through associate FEx members Stew who will be buddying up with each of our registered architects to add ideas and generally help out.


What you should know about your consultation?


You can expect general advice on:

  • Architect’s fees and services
  • Information on building costs including VAT
  • Discussion on building materials likely to be used
  • Planning requirements or Exempted Development from Planning
  • The documents that will be used for planning; tenders; and building contracts


You shoul also know… :



Find out more about Simon Open Door

Irish Times: A low-cost way to consult the architect


We are looking forward to meet you on Saturday, 10th May 10-5pm at the ground floor of Fumbally Exchange at Dame Lane5, Dublin 2

And do not forget to let us know that you will join us.