Fumbally Focus with John Hyland, cameraman and editor

John Hyland is a freelance cameraman and editor based in FEx Dublin

Website: Real One Media



What is the best thing about working in Fumbally?

The People. Definitely. A gaggle o' legends is the technical term I think…
There are a wodge of reasons that tickle other people's jiblets but for me, it's the community and the goodwill that permeates the space. There are so many really talented and experienced professionals. Each one of them has a great attitude and a willingness to share their expertise and experience. Its more than just office space. Theres a unique vibe that I haven’t experienced anywhere else.


What advice would you give someone who wanted to start up on their own?

Ooh that's a tuffy… Where to start…

First of all, theres a lot of talk about 'do what you love and you never work a day in your life.’ - In my experience, Thats total BS! While that may be good fodder for a blog or a meme with the picture of a beautiful sunset in the background, the truth is that the people I know who do what they love work harder and longer than any clock puncher I know so be warned, starting up on your own is no picnic in the park! Its great, Its worth it and you need to know you’re leaving kansas!

That said, if you’re passionate, determined and motivated, there has never been a better time to break out on your own.

For me the next step was really about creating / building on relationships. Its tough trying to break into an industry on your own and tougher still when the industry is going through so many changes. Having a place like Fumbally has been amazing in creating opportunities for me to rub shoulders with cutting edge thinkers that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to engage with otherwise.

Finally, I think you just have to do a truck load of work because theres no substitute for experience. I do a lot of coverage for events and corporate interviews and promotions so for me I need to balance that bread winning work with something a little more creative and edgy. So my final tip is step away from the internet and what people are saying on social media and go get your hands dirty. Go do something that you really really want to do.



What was the hardest part about setting up on your own?

Doing more with less. Video is very tech heavy and you won't see any change from a 10,000 euro investment so learning to be frugal on the tech and still deliver professional results has been tough. I'm fortunate to have been able to hitch my wagon some great people in the industry and they've been incredibly supportive.

The other thing is actually just getting paid. As any freelancer will tell you, people are always in a rush to get work done but not so much when it comes to pay day! So find a strategy thats win win for both you and your client. Thats the only way I can make sure I have some sort of cash flow.


What was the biggest thing you’ve learned so far?

Sooooo many things. Being a sole trader / freelancer is a crucible for sure and I’ve learned a ton over the last while but the biggest thing that I’ve learned and heard from other successful people is Just do whats in front of you. Ira glass has a cool quote about closing the creative gap and putting together a substantial body of work. Its worth a google…


What is your favourite part of the job?

Aside from working at what I love and meeting cool and interesting people?! Hmmmm… The variety and flexibility are pretty cool.

I could be shooting a fashion promo one week and be editing a quirky mockumentary the next.

Also the tech and gadgets are pretty awesome! Have you ever seen a video camera?! All those knobs and switches… Thats heaven to a dude like me. Fantastic stuff!

That last one is just between us though right?!


What do you do to treat yourself?

Hanging out with my lovely ladies is always awesome. I’m definitely a family man and those two come first.

When I need a break from parenthood and husbandry, I turn to motorbikes and movies. And if I can combine the two I’ve hit the jackpot! Theres nothing like squeezing into me power ranger suit with a full tank of petrol on a sunday morning.



Interview by Melissa Doran, GoRadiate.ie


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